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Edith Leavel


I am Edith Leavel’s daughter Cindy. In August 2008 I moved my Mother into my home to care for her as she was 85 years old and had been diagnosed with Lymphoma in April of the same year. Along with that disease process Mother also had dementia.

Prior to her moving in with me she resided in a local assisted living facility and would once a week attend the Alzheimer’s Family Services Social Day Program. I recall her saying how much she enjoyed going but due to my work schedule I was not active in this part of her life.

After she moved in with me I got to know Pat Strader and the other ladies who run the Social Day Program where she attended. The first thing I noticed was that every time Mother returned from her “outing” she would always say to me “There are some of the nicest people here…I just love them!” She always looked forward to going and expressed what a good time she had while there.

During the times I would drop in it was so sweet to see the ladies interacting with the folks that came, waiting on them with great interest. The activities were programmed to meet the needs of the attendees different levels of dementia/Alzheimers. They were served snacks and lunch while there. When Mother had to have her diet modified they were very accommodating!

Mother has since gone home to be with the Lord and her beloved husband this January. I cannot say enough good things about the AFSGB and how lovingly they looked after Mother for me while she was in their care. Thank you all for all that you did!!

God Bless All,

Cindy Roddenberry-Leavel RN


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