Donate to Alzheimer’s Family Services of Greater Beaufort

For over 33 years Alzheimer’s Family Services of Greater Beaufort (AFSGB) has been offering education, support and respite to caregivers of persons with Alzheimer’s disease in our community. In doing this, we provide, Group Respite (Social Day Program), In-Home respite, an Early Memory Loss program, a Support Group for individuals in the early stage of diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and a Caregiver Support Group. With your generous support over the years we have been able to provide these services at bare minimum costs to caregivers. Perhaps we provided these services to your family member or neighbor.

In keeping our fees for our services below the industry standard, we must rely heavily on our fundraising events, memorials and donations from the community to supplement our income. You, the community, have always been extremely generous in that support. For that, we are and always will be grateful for your support.

AFSGB plans to be here for another 33 years or more to provide services to those caregivers in the community who are so in need of them. We would love to see the day that our services are no longer needed but for now, they are and with your help we will be here to provide them.

We appreciate anything you can give to support our organization. Please click the link below to make a donation:

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